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Message from the UTNY president: 2021 show cancellation

February 22, 2021

The UNTY Board has decided to cancel our April 2021 event. Unfortunately, we continue to deal with the uncertain future concerning COVID-19. There are too many questions regarding quarantining from out-of-state visitors, occupancy restrictions, COVID testing, and ongoing vaccinations. 

Some people may have previously sent a check/deposit for the 2020 show. Many asked Lore to hold their check for our next possible event. If you want your check sent back, you should contact Lore Lozier as soon as possible (585-245-3276). Lore will destroy all deposit checks if she does not hear from people very soon.

The UTNY Board will continue to plan a great show in 2022! Many of our judges and seminarians are eager to make it to our next event. We have also discussed some new seminar and show ideas.

Best regards,
Mark Visnski, UTNY President