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Message from the UTNY president: Announcing our 2021 show

October 18, 2020

Save the date for the 2021 UTNY show and competition to be held April 8–11, 2021 in Auburn, NY!

The UTNY Board is currently planning our April 2021 convention and competition. We intend to have the same schedule of events that we had already planned for the 2020 show, which was canceled due to COVID-19. The 2021 show will be at the Holiday Inn in Auburn, NY.  Here are a few key points:

  • Kent Stryker, Dave Tuttle, John Matthews, and Don Miller will still be our four judges.
  • We will still have our Hands-On Turkey Seminar with Tim Jordan. This will be on Thursday, April 8, 2021. The seminar details remain the same as previously posted.  Start looking for a Turkey to use this fall!
  • The President’s Challenge will still be the Lynx. (Sorry, not a Bobcat.)
  • We intend to have the same schedule of seminars on Friday and Saturday, with revisions as necessary.
  • UTNY will post updated pre-show information on our website and Facebook page at the end of January 2021.  New UTNY newsletters will be sent out at the end of January as well.
  • Everyone will have to re-register for the 2021 UTNY event.

On behalf of our UTNY Board members, please stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you at our show in April! 

Best of luck in all your outdoor adventures,
Mark Visnski, UTNY President